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I assure that all kinds of information are reliable and accurate, it is very helpful to Cardiff School students. There can be differences between schools, so we advise you contact your child’s school directly to confirm term and holiday dates.

Cardiff School Term Dates 2017/2018

Terms Start Terms End Term
Autumn Term Monday 4th of September 2017 Friday 27th of October 2017
Autumn Term Monday 6th of November 2017 Friday 22nd of December 2017
Spring Term Monday 8th of January 2018 Friday 16th of February 2018
Spring Term Monday 26th of February 2018 Thursday 29th of March 2018
Summer Term Monday 16th of April 2018 Friday 25th of May 2018
Summer Term Monday 4th of June 2018 Tuesday 24th of July 2018

Cardiff School Holidays Dates 2017/2018

Holidays Start Holidays End Holidays
Autumn Half-Term Dates Saturday 28th of October 2017 Sunday 5th of November 2017
Winter Holidays Saturday 23rd of December 2017 Sunday 7th of January 2018
Spring Half-Term Dates Saturday 17th of February 2018 Sunday 25th of February 2018
Easter Holidays Friday 30th of March 2018 Sunday 15th of April 2018
Summer Half-Term Dates Saturday 26th of May 2018 Sunday 3rd of June 2018
Summer Holidays Wednesday 25th of July 2018 Monday 3rd of September 2018 (Estimated, please double check!)

Cardiff School Contact Informations

Cardiff School Holidays

Address: 1888 Montgomery Ave, Cardiff, CA 92007, USA
Phone: +1 760-632-5890
Number of students: 785
Schools: 2
Superintendent: Jill Vinson

Please visit here: 

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