Greenwich School Holidays And Term Dates 2018-2019

About Greenwich School Term & Holidays Dates

Greenwich School Holidays And Term Dates

Greenwich School holiday and Term dates are presented here for the school year starting in September 2017. These Holidays And Term Dates dates apply to all community and freely controlled nursery, primary, secondary and special schools.

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In 2018/19 students should attend for 190 days (or 380 half sessions). This Greenwich School Term and Holidays Dates 2018-2019 as announced by the Greenwich London Borough Council to help you start planning. Ok friends its more details please check below.

😴Greenwich Term Dates😴

2018 / 2019 First day of term Last day of term
Autumn Term 3 Sep 2018 Monday 19 Oct 2018 Friday
Autumn Term 29 Oct 2018 Monday 21 Dec 2018 Friday
Spring Term 7 Jan 2019 Monday 15 Feb 2019 Friday
Spring Term 25 Feb 2019 Friday 5 Apr 2019 Friday
Summer Term 23 Apr 2019 Thursday 24 May 2019 Friday
Summer Term 3 June 2019 Monday 23 Jul 2019 Thursday

😴Greenwich Holiday Dates😴

2018 / 2019 First day of holidays Last day of holidays
Autumn Half-Term Dates 22 Oct 2018 Monday 26 Oct 2018 Friday
Winter Holidays 24 Dec 2018 Monday 4 Jan 2019 Friday
Spring Half-Term Dates 18 Feb 2019 Monday 22 Feb 2019 Friday
Easter Holidays 8 Apr 2019 Monday 22 Apr 2019 Monday
Summer Half-Term Dates 27 May 2019 Monday 31 May 2019 Friday
Summer Holidays  24 Jul 2019 Wednesday 30 Aug 2019 Friday

😴Greenwich Council Contact Details😴

Greenwich Contact

  • General inquiries call 020 8854 8888.
  • To contact the child referral team, please call 020 8921 3172.
  • For out of hours emergencies, please call 020 8854 8888. 

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